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It is often said that blessings are bestowed and gifts are inherited. To put it kindly, my merit is a blessing bestowed and my gift for building connections is one that I have inherited from my mother. Generations that have dedicated their lives to researching spiritual modalities have made it possible for readers like us to enrich the lives of those that surround us.

Growing up, I always believed that I was destined to be the support system of the people that I nurture and cherish. As a woman, you are always taught to be empathetic and sympathetic to the needs and desires of those that exist in the same space as you. These emotions, often defined by how one feels, differ from person to person. To provide solace might be the one and the same as providing empathy. This is something that I have learned from my mother, the woman in my life to outline my destiny.

The destiny that I talk about, might be the one crafted a generation before I was born and started in 1996 when I was in college; by my family and especially my mother. I must have realized the potential and the desire to drive myself to my destiny when my dearest twin, Bharti, an internationally acclaimed Vaastu consultant, told me that the beauty of astrology and spirituality lies in its simplicity. The very root of astrology asks a simple question, “How can I help this person?”.

People often ask me, “Why did you choose to pursue Tarot?”, and quite often, I feel the need to repeat the quote that is most relevant to my case. „Curiosity killed the cat but satisfaction brought it back.‟ When I started researching the modality that was meant for me, I will be honest, I was quite confused. In the end, I realized that divination tools will take you to a single destination but for me, Tarot seemed most appropriate.

I‟ve always been a person who has dreams that go beyond the realm of my own understanding, twisting the knots of my curiosity, and asking me to be a better, greater version of myself. There is no comfort in the world like knowing your boundaries and limitations and after years of practice and peace, I‟m now a person who understands a little bit more about herself than others do.

Fortunately, it was my mother‟s desire for me to learn that brought me to the world of Reiki. Through her, I was able to discover a world so vast and beautiful that I could comprehend my emotions with a lot more clarity. I wish to bring you solace and peace for as long as I live. My reading allows you to identify your flaws, faults, and strengths. They allow me to find solutions to any upcoming problems, identify the uncertainty, and reduce its impact at the very least. Happy reading!


To Provide Clarity towards Your Work, Career, Profession and your overall Well-Being


To make divination tools mainstream so more people employ their use.

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