Caring through Guidance & healing

Aarti Bansal is an expert tarot reader and healing practitioner who has amassed a multitude of information through inheritance and research. She holds the power to guide through difficulties and crises through observations and prevention.

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Mastering the Basics of Astrology: Your Path to Self-Discovery

“The Art of Tarot Reading: A Step-by-Step Course”

The Power of Numbers: An Introduction to Chaldean Numerology

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  •  Study of Elements is an intricately designed course that allows you to read the energy, and layer, and arrive at possible conclusions for the problems through the knowledge of elements.

  • Psychology of numbers and how it impacts our writing. The balance of life as understood by numerology is often reduced and reflected by the psychology of numbers.

  • Take a look at various forms of decks by utilizing my favourite deck at the moment. The following bonus includes a number of case studies with appropriate observations and conclusions.

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